The Gear

Only state of the art equipment for our anglers.
Motors by Yamaha
Trolling motors with spot-lock and auto deploy by Minn Kota
All fishing equipment is new and in perfect repair
Shimano reels and premium rods

Our boats aren't cookie-cutter glitter rockets.  These boat are purpose built with this lake solely in mind.  Sleek, sexy and functional.

The lake has a speed limit, year 'round so speed isn't a factor.  Navigating the thick weeds and tight locations between some of the structure sure are.  Our boats are built light enough to get wherever the bite is, and have deck space for our anglers to take full advantage.  

Light, maneuverable, spacious.  Purpose built.  

We offer a combination of premium bait casting reels, spinning reels and we have well maintained push-button spin casting reels for the little ones.  No one gets left out.  

If you prefer to bring your own rods, you're welcome to.

Our tackle is typical bass tackle, with 20lb braid and medium to medium heavy actions.  Our fish will get down and dirty in the heavy weeds, but we like to enjoy the fight so we match the gear to that.   

Our boats are unique in that the front deck is custom engineered to have more deck space so our anglers always have plenty of room to fish from the front

TEL: 772-453-3989   


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