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Artificial lure fishing

We love to throw top water lures early and late. Our lake is a wonderland of hydrilla, eel grass, mazes of giant pond reeds that are perfect for soft plastics and search baits.  For the purest, we'll hunt the lake for those big bites--and good numbers of decent fish, on the highest quality lures from the best makers, including some locally made lures developed for this lake specifically.

Rates and Reservations

Live bait fishing

Catching fish is what we want, right?  There is little argument that live bait fishing attracts lots of bites, and some G-G-Giant Bass!!  We use saltwater sized gear to ensure those giant bass show up in your photos from that trip of a life time.  Live Bait is at market price.

$450 for a 4 hour morning or afternoon trip

$550 for 6 hours

$650 for 8 hours

  • 2 Anglers

  • $50 for a third angler

  • Max 3 anglers per boat

  • Mom or dad with 2 school aged kids is no extra cost

  • Mom and dad with a school aged kid, no extra cost

Combo fishing

Can't we do a little of both?  Heck yea!  Let's throw some of those key baits in the best places for big bass on artificial, but having a little 'insurance' is never a bad idea.  It breaks up the day a little as well.  This is the most popular trip any of the guides offer.  Let's take a couple 'dozen shiners and see what happens. 

Live bait is at market price. 

What included:

  • Professional grade rods and reels. Only the best

  • All artificial lures that the fish are biting at the time of your trip.  Many of the lures we use are made locally.

  • Cooler full of Gatorade, bottle water, a Snacklebox with light snacks of cheese crackers, beef jerky, fruit snacks, peanuts.

  • Chapstick & suntan lotion are always on board

  • We video and photograph each trip

What you need to bring:

  • Clothing appropriate for the Florida weather.  We wear long sleeves every day.

  • Hat and sunglasses--This is a must.  The Florida sun can be brutal on eyes.

  • Fishing license. (if any other guide tells you it's included, beware. It's not, by Florida law.)  

  • If you'd like to bring other food, or beer or any other supplies we have plenty of room in the cooler.  It's your day, enjoy it how you'd like.  

  • That's it!  Show up, Hop on and let's go fishing!

Reserve your trip

Use these numbers for the apps

use this button for any credit card

(907) 201-7424



(907) 201-7424


(907) 201-7424

On the day of our adventure, final payments can be made with the same apps
But remember CASH IS KING, please.  

Shiner fishing

bass shiner panoram.jpg

We specialize in hunting trophy bass with artifical baits, but there is no denying that live, wild shiners draw big exticing strikes from big bass.  Our boats have incredible 60 gallon bait wells to hold tons of shiners for a full day of fishing.  Our service is to pick up the live bait and have it in the boat and ready to go when you arrive at the dock.

The cost for shiners ranges from $12 per dozen for small ones, Wild caught at $25 per dozen all the way to $36 per dozen for large ones.  We simply make this a pass-through charge to the anglers, with no mark up or convenience fee.  We recommend budgeting at least a dozen shiners per hour of fishing.  We'll also have all the artificial baits available during your shiner trip.  

We fished the lake for almost 5 years, during pre-opening, and followed the progress of construction since long before that.  We've got the lake dialed-in and can put you on the fish. No other guides have fished the lake longer than we have.

Ramp location.jpg

We also fish stick marsh, Garcias and Blue cypress lake for trophy bass


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