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The Lake

Headwaters Lake, Fellsmere Reservoir , Lake Egan

She has many names, but by any of them she is a jewel in central Florida

The most secret famous lake

Flooding began in 2015

10,000 acres total

7,000 is open water, the rest is marsh land

An existing bass population came from canals, ditches and pits on the property

500,000 bass stocked in 2015 and 500,000 in 2016 

DNA tested, 100% Florida strain bass

Catch and Release only

Stocked with Crappie, Bluegill, Coppernose and other panfish

Panfish and Catfish can be kept, with regular FWC regulations 

Flood water can be pumped in on South end  

Release water can be pumped out and into Stick Marsh at 'The Pump House' 

A 500 year flood overflows a wier into C-54 canal 

Water level is 19.5 to 20.0 feet above sea level

Average water depth is 6', with deepest water over 30'

The lake is nearly 7 miles North to South, and 3 miles East to West

3 Indian burial mounds exist on the lake and have sea wall systems protecting them

Access to the Indian burial mounds is restricted



Traveling I-95, the reservoir isn't a terrible drive off the interstate--just a few miles off the interstate to great fishing.  Fellsmere Grade Road is an improved, graded dirt road that sometimes can be bumpy and have puddles during and after rains.  Overall the grade is well cared for and graded frequently--sometimes a couple of times a week.  The speed limit is 35 and it is patrolled regularly.  It's about 4 miles to the Headwaters Lake ramp, and Stick Marsh Lake ramp is the end of the grade.

At the Headwaters Lake ramp there is limited parking, the ramps are paved and there are restrooms.  

At the Stick Marsh ramp there is typically plenty of parking and there is an overflow lot for times of high use, which is usually winter duck season, or while the crappie bite is going on.  There are covered picknick areas, public grills and an outhouse style bathroom. 


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