I only want to catch a giant fish--a trophy--a legend.  
If this is your only objective, please call someone else.   Or I'll gladly give you the number of a guide that only fishes on private, stocked ponds.  Prices start at $1,000 a pound and go up from there.
If, however, you'd like to enjoy an entertaining and educational day on a legendary lake, with the chance for any cast to result in a 12 incher, or a 12 pounder, then let's go fishing and see what the day brings.  
Do you supply the fishing license?
No.  You must have your own fishing license.  This is a Florida state requirement for every single bass fishing guide service on public water.
Here's a link to buy online.  You don't have to have the actual paper copy with you, so a screen image of your license is fine.  (if a guide says you don't need it, or if they say 'the boat covers it', please beware)
What do I actually need to bring?
  • Fishing license, as we discussed
  • Dress for the weather.  Consider open water is usually cooler when windy and the sun is hotter than you think.
  • Any special food or drinks you require.  We have sports drinks, water, and snacks.
  • Bring you GPS.  No secrets here.  
  • Suntan lotion.  
  • Camera/phone
Tell me more about the rods and reels.
We have professional quality reels and equipment from Shimano.  We have casting reels with both right and left hand retrieve.  We have premier Shimano spinning reels capable of catching snook and redfish, but are simple enough for most anglers.  And because Capt'n Drew has a nostalgic side a mile wide, we have some near-museum quality vintage Zebco 33 push button reels matched to modern bass rods.  We pretty much have every experience level covered.  
Can I bring my own equipment?
Of course.  Just let us know.
Can you accommodate older anglers or special needs?  
Of course.  We've got fishing seats for comfort and those seats can be moved to 5 different locations in the boat, including the lower deck area.  

TEL: 772-453-3989   

E-MAIL: andrewmixon@gmail.com

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