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The First to fifteen

Quite simply, we expect the next 15 pound bass caught in Florida to come from Headwaters Lake.  This endeavor is to highlight the incredible enhancements created in Headwaters Lake and the potential for giant trophy bass.  

Nope, no one's done it yet. The lake was allowed to develop naturally for nearly 5 years before boat anglers were given access. Since 2020 countless TrophyCatch fish have been recorded with dozens of 10, 11 and 12 pound fish landed and verified.  The largest bass verified from the lake so far is an amazing 13 pounds.  Everyone across the country is waiting to see that first top .01% of all bass--that 15 pounder.  


The Florida Trophy Bass Project is the FWC’s new initiative with the goal of Florida being the undisputed Trophy Bass Capital of the World. In the coming years, more effort will be focused on producing, documenting, and promoting trophy bass as well as increasing opportunities to catch Florida’s heaviest trophies. FWC biologists will be utilizing both proven and innovative management techniques to grow even more large bass in certain areas while also conducting research projects to learn more about what it takes to grow giant bass.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Headwaters Lake as one of the premier lakes in this project.  Considerable resources are involved with ensuring this lake will not only produce trophy bass, but will do so for years and years to come.  

Rules are simple and what we do as anglers every day--just do everything legally!  TrophyCatch has their rules posted here, and information on how to ensure that catch of a lifetime is recorded properly.  

Trophy Catch season 11 began October 1 and concludes September 30, 2023


You bet.  On top of the great stuff provided through the TrophyCatch program, additional prizes will be awarded.  Gotta check back as things develop.  

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