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kayak Fishing

Honestly, most of us aren't necessarly "kayakers".  No more than Shaw Girgsby or Mike Iaconelli are just 'boaters'.  We're anglers.  We're sportsmen. We're cut from the same cloth.  And many of us own several different types of craft to get us to the fish, for use in different situations.

Because of the regulations on the lake, we just happen to need to use kayaks to fish the Northern most waters. On any given day we'll see hard core professionally rigged $6,000 fishing kayaks, budget kayaks, paddle boards, canoes and even a few Gheenoes and jon boats, with the motors taken off. 

We just prefer to use every advantage we can get.  That's why we use Hobie kayaks for hands-free fishing


 We've taken good advantage of that kayaking privilege during pre-opening of the lake and explored every corner we can get to.  We've been fishing the lake since before there was a kayak launch, when we first started slippng kayaks to the weedy water's edge.  All the while we've been exploring the waters, we've also been logging data and building maps.  Of course, there are no official topo maps of the lake yet, but each time we're out we log more data.  We've collected depth information, catch data and we log where the big fish are each season.  It's a large and unique body of water.  The subtle changes in area to area, and from season to season take some practice to read and learn.

You could just launch a kayak and take your chances.  Or to ensure your time is productive, we offer that incredible head start.  

$250 for one angler, $50 for each additional angler
includes kayak, gear and guide

This service includes everything you need for the day on the water, including the Hobie Mirage Drive kayak and all fishing gear, equipment and lures and tackle.  You'll only need to bring appropriate clothing, your fishing license and a snack.  Oh, and don't forget your camera.  The trophy of a lifetime is just a cast away.  If you want to bring a favorite rod or your own tackle, by all means do so.  But it's not necessary.

You can fly in, drive down and just show up. We'll have everything at the water's edge waiting on you.

And of course you'll have our experience and knowledge to put your baits in front of the best fish on the lake.  

If youre a local, we'll give you the head start you need to really make your time on the water productive on your following visits.  If you're a visitor to the area, just show up, climb aboard and fish.  No need to worry about hauling a kayak across country.  


"6,000 acres are a lot to cover.  Your help in getting me fishing in the right spots was just what I needed."

“Drew, that was the best single day of bass fishing I've ever experienced.  I'm looking forward to coming back and bettering my personal best”

“A 7 pound bass on my first day!  Thank you so, so much.”

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