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About us

Our parent company, Indian River Outdoors, llc, is a federally and locally registered company.  We are licensed, permitted and fully insured.  

Not everyone is.  Make sure for your own safety and for the professional trip of a lifetime you choose a guide service who is indeed a legitimate business.

Both Micha (saltwater and airboat guide) and Drew are USCG certified Captains.  In order to be a certified captain, one must undergo drug testing, federal background checks, first responder training, advanced navigation training, seamanship and rules of the road/water are some of the advanced sections that must be mastered before the Coast Guard will bestow the certification. We're some of the only certified captains guiding with kayaks in the entire country and among a very few certified captains guiding on Headwaters Lake at all.  It's not a requrement for business, but it's just part of our professional commitment to be the very best for our clients.

We are certified  Florida Friendly Fishing Guides.  This means we have completed additional training in responsible angling and guiding to ensure our resources are utilized in a sustainable way. 

We are members of the Florida Guides Association, dedicated to promoting conservation and wise use of Florida's fishery resources.   

We are members of Captain's for Clean Water, who fight to ensure South Florida and the Everglades has a bipartisan and singular voice in the protection of those resources. 

We are members of Anglers for Conservation who's mission is to inspire new generations of stewards through education, conservation and fishing.  

Why?  Because we are not just guides and anglers.  We are a conduit for anglers to better understand the resources and are ourselves stewards of our great Florida outdoors.

Capt andrew Mixon

Captain Drew  is a USCG Master Captain with qualifications to operate vessels from inshore sized boats, to ocean going commercial craft.  Not only an angler, Drew is a true outdoorsman and steward of our beautiful central Florida environment.  Drew has attained the level of master birder and his knowledge of facts and trivia concerning Florida's wildlife will entertain you with interesting things you didn't know before you climbed aboard.   

Drew's fished Florida waters for over 40 years and developed techniques to put great fish in the boat.  He’s always been a family man and introduced his boys to fishing and the great outdoors at an early age. 

Drew has captained teams at the professional level on the redfish tours, pro kingfish tour, countless offshore tournaments and 2 different professional bass tours.  With 7 IGFA records and trophy catch citations in 4 states to his credit, Drew uses the techniques he developed in his tournament angling to help anglers be more efficient on the water. 

Drew is known far and wide as not taking himself, or things too seriously.  If you enjoy a laugh and don’t want to be overly intense while putting giant fish in the boat, Drew will definitely make your day.

Drew headshot
Huge Marsh Toad
titusville 2012

For a different adventure, we also offer saltwater fishing,  kayak fishing and airboat adventures

Adventure is our business 

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